You- refers to the user of FilipinaUSA.com website and its related services.

Services – anything found in the website that you use for any purpose or whatsoever.

We/Us – means the online dating website, which is www.filipinausa.com


This terms of use sets forth the conditions and statement that you have to remember when you use the website and its services that is offered by www.filipinausa.com. As you complete the registration process, you agree to accept the terms of use of filipinausa.com online dating website. We reserve the right to alter or modify the terms of use and its conditions of this website at any time. Notification will be sent if such revisions being made.


You must represent or warrant yourself that you are of 18 years old or above as you sign-up or use the website, www.filipinausa.com. By visiting and using the website you already accept its Terms of Use and agree that you abide the agreement. Furthermore, you also accept that when you use the website you follow any and all applicable laws and regulations.


This Terms of Use is composed of agreements that you must respect upon using the www.filipinausa.com. You must accept and follow all the stated terms of use and its conditions written in the agreement to avoid future conflicts and to always use the website without any hassles.


In any case if there will be violations found on the member’s side, we have the right to suspend, deactivate or discontinue your usage of our website. We may also impose limits of your usage of the www.filipinausa.com features and services. You can use the website any time you want however it is subject to conditions and restrictions acted by us through our sole discretion.


Being a user or member of the website, you must abide the following Online Etiquette:

  • You will not engage in any kind of solicitations and promotions of any goods and services by using the website.

  • You will not post or transmit photos containing obscene pictures, pornographic materials or anything that consists of abusive, offensive and racists language.

  • You will not use the website to send any form of harassment from other members that is libelous, slanderous or defamatory.

  • You will not post, upload or transmit any videos, photos or materials that will infringe the property rights or any other rights of a person.

  • You will not use the service to distribute, upload, post or transmit any kind of software or computer programs containing viruses, bugs or malware, which will lead to harm the website and disable the function of its system.

  • You will not post or ask for personal contact information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, residential address or instant messenger identification from any or all members of www.filipinausa.com .


All the information and the photos you posted in our website will not be deleted in our database. This is done in order to have records of members who may be fake or a scam. However, if you want your profile to be taken down in our website, we can only downgrade your star level so that it will not be shown in our searches and gallery. One more thing, your personal ad may also be deleted or edited when you violate the terms and conditions of www.filipinausa.com.


Upon successful registration in the website, please have your account in private. Do not share your login

details with other members or to anyone. You are responsible for your usage and activity in the website.


Any and all information that the website contains belong to us and our members. However, the information posted by our members and users may be protected or not as www.filipinausa.com is not liable for any acts done by the members and the users. It is the sole responsibility of the users or members of the website.


When you begin communicating or responding to any of the members’ messages, please note that you are liable with your own actions. Www.filipinausa.com should not be held responsible for any damages whether it is direct, indirect, general, accidental, consequential or incidental arising with the use of the website. You must understand that when you communicate with other members you must be very careful and always be vigilant to avoid further conflicts or troubles in the future. You must remember that you should not share your personal information and contact details to any members to avoid being victims of scams or frauds.


If you believe that there are contents or any materials found in www.filipinausa.com that constitutes others work or has been copied without crediting the real owner of the material, please report it to [email protected] and describe the work that has been copyrighted by submitting a report through a written statement. We will immediately do an action of the copyrighted material.


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