This Privacy Statement is to have its users and members a safe and secure online dating experience. We value and uphold individual rights to privacy. To have utmost security upon using, we developed the privacy statement in order to explain our practices in collecting data, usage of the website and disclosure of your personal information. Personal Information includes contact information, email address, birth date, height, weight and marital status.


There are two types of information we collect in our website: the personal and non-personal data. These information are collected depending on the nature of your activities in the website.

Personal Data

We may gather the following personal data:
1. Personal contact info – email address, telephone number, residential address.
2. Your personal ad – photos you upload and personal interest such as ideal partner, marital status, educational background, weight and occupation.
3. Your IP Address – this is for statistical and research purposes only. We track your IP Address in order to determine the percentage of users and from what country our online dating website has number of traffics.

Non-personal Data

This kind of information will not identify you as an individual. The information we may gather are the following:
1) we may collect the type of browser you are using when you use the website or the referring URL
2) we may also gather information such as gender, age, height and country of residence. Upon registration, this kind of data will appear in your profile.

You have the option on not to provide your personal information however, there are some occurrences that we need your valid email address. The email address is used for verification purposes of your profile and some notifications from the admin of the website. Should you no longer wish to receive email messages or newsletters from the admin, you can unsubscribe with our notifications or jump on to our 24/7 Customer Support.


The personal information you submitted in our website will only be used like:
1) to show to other members about the details of your profile such as age, height, weight, zodiac sign, educational background and marital status
2) to let other members view on what are your preferences of a potential partner or
3) to let other users know on the similarities and differences you both share
4) to create an information in your personal ads

We only gather and use your personal information only with your consent except the ones required in the registration or applicable privacy laws.


Cookies – as you visit, the website uses cookies, it is also known as the browser cookie. It is used to permit the website to be recognized by the user’s computer during future visits using the same computer.

Referring URL – this refers to where you found our website,, either through a search engine or other websites.

Date of visit – the day on when you access the website

Browser – the type of browser you used when you visit or access


Your security upon using the website is our high priority. We maintain appropriate standards and employ technological tools to protect you against phishing or unauthorized access. However, the confidentiality and security of your log-in details is your sole responsibility. Always keep in mind that your account details are private and should not be shared among other members.


If there will be any changes, revisions or modifications in our privacy policy, we will notify you by sending an electronic email or postings in the privacy statement page.


Due to the very nature of the internet use and exchanges of information done through private messaging, email or chat rooms, we advise our users and members to be extra careful in dealing with strangers. In addition, as you use the website, you release us from any and all responsibilities relating to your use of


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